Complementary Training Podcast

Training Chats with Israel and Mladen - Episode #2: Evidence Based Practice

June 16, 2018

In Episode #2 of Training Chats with Israel and Mladen, we continued our discussion on evidence based practice. Israel covered some of the history behind the term and movement, and shared his thoughts as to how it can be used in our profession. We spoke about combining evidence from scientific literature, our expertise and experience, current context and athlete preferences to make the best (or least worst) decisions with our clients. Mladen spoke about decision making in uncertainty, different branches of rationality (bounded and unbounded) and how one can use heuristics and ‘barbell strategy’ to make decisions in uncertain conditions.

Books mentioned in this episode:

  1. The Book Of Why - Jude Pearl
  2. Statistical Rethinking - Richard McElreath
  3. Philosophy of Evidence Based Medicine - Jeremy Howick