Complementary Training Podcast

Complementary Training Podcast #9: Interview with John Kiely

September 14, 2016

In episode nine of Complementary Training Podcast I am talking to John Kiely. John is mostly famous for his critiques of periodization (which are a must read papers), so I used this opportunity to expand on that particular topic.

Here are some must read articles from John:

  1. Periodization, Planning, Prediction: And why the future ain't what it used to be!
  2. Periodization Paradigms in the 21st Century: Evidence-Led or Tradition-Driven?
  3. New Horizons for the Methodology and Physiology of Training Periodization: Block Periodization, New Horizon or a False Dawn? [1]
  4. New horizons for the methodology and physiology of training periodization: Block periodization: New horizon or a false dawn? [2]
  5. MINI REVIEW Uniqueness of Human Running Coordination: The Integration of Modern and Ancient Evolutionary Innovations
  6. A genetic-based algorithm for personalized resistance-training
  7. Essay: A New Understanding of Stress and the Implications for Our Cultural Training Paradigm

We have covered a lot of ground in this podcast! If there are any topics you want John to cover in more detail, let us know and we will expand on it. He can be reached via his Twitter @simplysportssci.

I highly recommend following John if you are interested in up-to-date sport science information.