Complementary Training Podcast

Complementary Training Podcast #6 - Interview with Marco Altini

July 27, 2016

In episode six of the Complementary Training podcast, I am talking to Marco Altini, the creator of HRV4Training app and machine learning expert. Marco provided tremendous guidelines for my recent injury prediction model and have motivated me to learn more about Bayesian models. Marco also posts regularly on the topics of HRV, machine learning and tracking data.

In this episode we are covering the following topics:

  • How did Marco ended up making HRV4Training and being generally interested in HRV and self-tracking data
  • Reliability of using iPhone camera to track HRV
  • Evaluation of HRV signal
  • Measuring positions, saturation issues, routines, frequency of HRV measurement
  • Training recommendations based on HRV data, and why it is not good to jump to day-to-day twitches in the data
  • HRV as part of overall monitoring system – or the importance of context
  • Machine learning versus traditional statistics
  • Marco’s recommendations for good sources of informations and book

Marco can be found on Twitter @marco_alt and at his website