Complementary Training Podcast #4 - Mike Boyle

June 30, 2016

In episode four of Complementary Training podcast, I am speaking to Mike Boyle.

There is no need to introduce Mike. Love him or hate him, he is one of the most influential strength and conditioning coaches and authors in the field.

His book Functional Training for Sports just got the second edition and Mike covers how did this book improve over its predecessor, as well compare it to the similar titles that seems to pop-out lately.

Besides chatting about the new edition of the book, here are the topics covered:

  • Why do people think Mike Boyle's "functional" training is BOSU ball crap?
  • Mike adresses the critique of his program being "cookie cutter" and how does he individualize the training
  • Differences in Mike's approach when working with off-season athletes in personal facility vs. working in a club settings
  • Influence of the facility and business model on training program
  • Chat about the PRI stuff and how he implements it in his programs
  • Suggested readings and resources for S&C coaches

Mike can be found on Twitter @BodybyBoyle



Complementary Training Podcast #3 - David Watts

June 16, 2016

In episode three of Complementary Training podcast, I am speaking to David Watts.

David is Elite Level Strength and Conditioning coach from Brisbane Australia. He is currently employed as S&C coach at Queensland Academy of Sport where he works for over 6 years with athlete from a wide variety of sports.

We covered the following topics:

  • ASCA licensing schemes
  • David's experience at Queensland Academy of Sport
  • Physical preparation of the athletes of different sports: similarities and differences
  • Establishing valid and reliable movements screen
  • Using velocity estimates to help you monitor and program strength training in the gym
  • How does David automates data collection and how does he make meaning out of it

David can be found on Twitter @DaveWattsau



Complementary Training Podcast#2 – Mike Zourdos

April 17, 2016

This podcast is indeed fascinating since Mike Zourdos and myself covered plenty of strength training ground, from analyzing famous programs, difference between Daily Undulating Periodization vs Daily Undulating Planning, cycles planning, daily max vs high-frequency training, emotional and boredom issues, in-season training, VBT and so forth. It is even hard to enlist all the topics covered. It is indeed master reference when it comes to strength training.

I was thinking on putting this master piece into multiple shorter pieces, but it was hard to cut it since everything flows from topic to topic without any abrupt change. And my goal is education and sharing, not to ramp up Google ratings with multiple parts anyway.

If you have any further questions please make sure to leave them at Forum and I am pretty sure Mike will answer them. I want to thank Mike for his time and effort to make this happen. Will planned for this chat for a long time and I am pretty sure wait is worthwhile. Enjoy and let us both know what you think.


Complementary Training Podcast#1 – Žarko Vučković

April 17, 2016

In this first episode of Complementary Training Podcast I pick the brain of Žarko Vučković, general surgeon working at Aspetar on the topic of groin-related pain.

We cover plenty of ground, including the different “categories” of groin-related issues (sport hernia, adductor issues, hip flexor, hip issue and so forth), screening tests and clinical examination, prevention strategies, surgery decision making, surgical procedures, rehab strategies, and much, much more.

Anyone interested in this topic will find plenty of great information.